Tabletop Game System


Author: Eugenie E. Sulyagin


WARHORN - a universal tabletop game system, a set of rules designed for playing tabletop battles using collections of military miniatures. Two or more players may participate in the game.


WARHORN game system allows any player to group his collection of military miniatures, into an effective tabletop army, which will fully correspond to a real army of chosen historical period. Game rules are scale-independent, so players can use military miniatures of any scale from any manufacturer. In a WARHORN game system, players may combine miniatures of different scales in single army, and even different scales may be used for opposing armies.


With WARHORN game system it is possible to recreate battles of any historical period, from Antiquity to the Modern Age. Any famous battle could be replayed from the Battle of Kadesh, and confrontations of Greek-Persian or Hundred Years War, to the Great Battle of Borodino.


Opposing players must prepare their armies before the battle: divide them into regiments of rank and file troops or skirmishers; appoint overall commander and his subordinates. WARHORN game system gives close attention to psychological aspects of battle. Warriors will react to battle conditions by panic or going out of control. Behavior of loyal and allied leaders of the army is reconstructed by the set of additional bonuses and rules for Challenge and Treachery.

In WARHORN game system, warriors with different weapons, armor, morale and level of combat skills can be combined in one regiment. Rules for a close combat are based on weapon length characteristic and provide easy-to-use and history-authentic engine for working out fighting between two or more regiments.


There are different types of regiment formations in the game, from tight firm spear-walls of Macedonian phalanx, to loosen mobs of enraged Celtic barbarians. Battlefield use of workers and spies already included in the rules as well as rules for battlefield terrain, war machines, chariots and elephants.


As a flexible game system, WARHORN allows not only to play big battles, but also realistic modeling confrontations of small skirmishing bands n a game table of any form and size. WARHORN game system is also well suited to play games in fantasy genre.


At the basis of the WARHORN game system lies a combination of historical realism with dynamical enthralling performance that transform a common square table into enchanted window, through which players may look at the fascinating world of History and feel the unique atmosphere of long past heroic epochs.


E. E. Sulyagin