Swiss first turn:


Swiss bowman, blocking the path, shoot at regiment of Austrian infantry. Two spearman killed. Backfire from Austrian bowman, kills one Swiss.


At that moment...

Swiss halberdiers charge both regiments of knights. Many Austrians fell to disorder, trying to turn their front to the foes. Duke Leopold searches for an opportunity to challenge the enemy leader, but Werner Shtauffaher cleverly avoids the duel. Despite the advantages, close combat proceeds unlucky for Swiss: all knights stay unharmed, but one halberdier got killed. Only their great numbers, and banner help Swiss to avoid defeat.



Austrian first turn:


Trying to get close to the enemy, Austrian infantry regiment makes a quick draw. Bowmen did not shoot, preferring to hide behind the spearman.


On the other side of the battlefield...

Regrouped knights, keeps fight the halberdiers. Still, no one of them is harmed, but four halberdiers fell to their swords. Panic begun to spread across the Swiss ranks, but they managed to stand their ground.


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© Eugene Е. Sulyagin