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April 2007 - At his anniversary, Author of Tabletop Game System WARHORN proudly presents FIRST WARHORN BATTLE REPORT !!! Please follow this link.


February 2007 - EXTRA News has been published in UFO above Moscow article ! Author of WARHORN Game System observes the strange phenomena in the sky, and takes photos of unknown objects!    


September 2005 Especially for the fans of medieval age, author of WARHORN Game System published best shots from Photosession in Toledo .


February 2005 New article Formations in WARHORN Game System has been published.


January 2005 Author of WARHORN Game System proudly presents the original collection of WARHORN FANTASY desktop wallpapers.


December 2004 Site was successfully tested for compatibility with following browsers: Internet Explorer, Opera, Mozilla Firefox and Netscape Communicator. Presentation works only in Internet Explorer. It is planned to change the presentation format to Macromedia Flash. Happy New Year!


November 2004 Official site of Tabletop game system WARHORN has opened. Authors annotation for the game is available.